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ENERGATE participated in the EURO 2024 Conference, presenting their latest scientific publication titled "Utilising decision-making methods and online tools to accelerate sustainable renovation investments: insights from a stakeholder engagement approach", Aikaterini Papapostolou, Ioanna Andreoulaki, Vasilis Kotrogiannis, and Vangelis Marinakis from the Decision Support Systems Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens.

The presentation, by Aikaterini Papapostolou, covered several key points:

  • Background: Addressed the building sector's significant energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and the urgent need for increased renovation rates to enhance energy efficiency.
  • ENERGATE Project: Provided an overview of the ENERGATE project, which aims to facilitate easy, predictable, and risk-weighted renovation investments through an online marketplace and other innovative tools.
  • Scope of the Study: Analysed the potential impact of an online marketplace on promoting energy efficiency investments in buildings, identified the communication gaps among stakeholders, and highlighted key performance indicators.
  • Methodological Approach: Discussed stakeholder mapping, engagement plans, and feedback analysis to refine marketplace services.
  • Results and Conclusions: Presented insights from training workshops, surveys, and semi-structured interviews with stakeholders, emphasising the importance of tailored services, financial incentives, and quality execution in energy efficiency projects.

The full presentation can be downloaded here.