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Date and Place: 12 April 2024, Ulbroka, Ropaži Municipality, Riga region, Latvia
Organiser: Riga Planning Region (RPR)

On April 12th, the Riga Planning Region (RPR) organised a quarterly Advisory Working Group (AWG) meeting in Ulbroka, Ropaži Municipality. This recurring meeting gathers RPR specialists and development and investment planning specialists from nine RPR municipalities to coordinate and discuss ongoing cooperation and development issues. The forum also aims to raise awareness about RPR’s projects and encourage the involvement of various target groups. The meeting was attended by 25 participants.

Meeting Highlights:

Topics Discussed:

  1. Joint Strategy and Investment Projects Portfolio:
    • Defining a strategy, territorial approach, and investment projects portfolio for improving entrepreneurship infrastructure.
    • Focus on ERDF Specific Objective of Support 5.1.1, Activity "Infrastructure to support entrepreneurship."
    • Approach to Activity "Smart municipalities" project preparation.
  2. Energy Efficiency Projects:
    • Raising awareness, dissemination, and facilitating municipality involvement in ongoing energy efficiency projects.
    • Presentation of the ENERGATE project updates by Inga Brieze, RPR Head of Projects Management Unit and ENERGATE Coordinator.
    • Demonstration of the ENERGATE video and platform development milestones.
    • Importance of municipalities registering in the platform and providing building data to secure financing options for EE renovations.
    • Emphasis on the need for the ENERGATE platform to effectively serve as a gateway for locating funding instruments to maintain public interest.

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