ENERGATE at Global Green Growth Week 2023

ENERGATE at Global Green Growth Week 2023

We are excited to share that ENERGATE participated in the Global Green Growth Institute's (GGGI) Global Green Growth Week (GGGW) 2023, which took place from October 23-27.

About the ENERGATE Project Presentation

ENERGATE participated in the Session “Research Policy Interface to Upscale Multi-Level Climate Action” through the presentation "Facilitating the creation of an effective, ICT-enabled, energy efficiency marketplace" which was delivered by NTUA on the 27th of October from 9.00 until 10.00 am CET, which had 50 participants. It showcased impactful projects aimed at introducing replicable and scalable climate solutions and actions. Specifically, European research-policy interface initiatives led by GGGI Hungary's office, such as UP2030 and the ENERGATE project, were discussed. Additionally, the Economic Innovation Partnership Program (EIPP) was unveiled as a strategic effort to enhance sustainable development in partner countries.

The Session highlighted the crucial role played by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in bridging the gap between research and policy. To conclude, a global research endeavor focused on assessing the quality of National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) was showcased. This collaborative and informed approach fosters progress in addressing climate change challenges.

A Glimpse into GGGW 2023

GGGW 2023, organised by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), was a forum designed to share knowledge of scalable solutions that can significantly contribute to global efforts to address the climate crisis, especially in the upcoming years. The event was organised around the four Dimensions (Goals) of GGGI’s Global Green Growth Index:

  1. Efficient and Sustainable Resource Use.
  2. Natural Capital Protection.
  3. Green Economic Opportunities.
  4. Social Inclusion

These dimensions explored various topics, including adaptation in Africa, sustainable energy transition opportunities in Asia, protection of the Amazon, innovations by young Greenpreneurs, and solutions centered around indigenous communities' knowledge.

The Conference sessions brought together global leaders, innovators, and change-makers to share knowledge, discuss scalable solutions, and contribute to global efforts to address the climate crisis.

Thank you to all who joined the event and contributed to making GGGW 2023 a success!

Download and check the agenda here.