New cluster of European projects kicks off to make the smart energy transition a reality


In order to make the smart energy transition a reality, 19 projects came together under the #SmartEnergyCluster to mutually support each other by building on and multiplying all their results.

The 20 projects have the common aim to develop, conceptualise and deploy new business models and concepts which fully tap the economic value and the wider benefits of integrated services. These combine different energy services, such as energy efficiency, distributed generation and flexibility, and/or which integrate energy services with non-energy benefits. Moreover, they aim to overcome the fragmentation of markets and segments and to enhance the cooperation and trust among different services providers and market actors, also across segments that so far do not have common business cases.

The cluster will work together in the framework of dissemination, communication and exploitation of the projects activities and results, aiming at engaging interested and common target groups. These collaborative actions will also aim to multiply the impacts of the benefits of each project, including for example, the integration of new and smart service offers, reduced energy costs for end-users and payback times of investments into sustainable energy.

The 19 projects of the #SmartEnergyCluster are: InEExS, BD4NRG, MATRYCS, I-NERGY, BIGG, iFLEX, InterConnect, AUDIT-TO-MEASURE, EU-MORE, NUDGE, BungEES, FrESCO, SmartSPIN, Neon, BRIGHT, EaaS, PROBONO RENergetic.

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