ENERGATE report on "Building Renovation Financing Typologies"


The ENERGATE Report on "Building Renovation Financing Typologies" aims to set the basis for the upcoming ENERGATE activities concerning the platform’s conceptual design parameters, information entries (Fetch stage - project entry module) and aggregation and matchmaking processes (Process stage). This deliverable holds the analysis and outcomes of ENERGATE’s Task 2.1: Identification of building renovation financing typologies.

The aim of the report is to review previous work done on the subject and identify the common patterns in relation to the current practices and the likelihood of certain building types to be renovated. The research seeks to identify common factors and thereby define renovation categories using diversified set of key aspects which affect the definition of building renovation typologies such as: i) barriers and risks, ii) technical aspects e.g., technologies or technology indicators and architectural/town planning characteristics or even iii) the type of finance that has proven suitable or appears attractive for large scale renovation.

The research conducted and presented in this deliverable may assist in understanding the interplay (also taking stock of previous relevant initiatives) of different combinations of building ownership status, technology, financing methods and their effect on accelerated building renovation rates. It will support the development of specifications for standardised data entry forms for building EE projects and will contribute to the identification and calculation of the relevant energy, financing and risk KPIs that will be used to develop large, standardised, financeable project packages.

Download the ENERGATE report here.