ENERGATE report on "Stakeholder Engagement Plan with Consultation Guide"


The ENERGATE report on "Stakeholder Engagement Plan with Consultation Guide" describes the processes of stakeholder mapping and engagement plan for the ENERGATE project. The stakeholder mapping process involves identifying relevant stakeholders to be involved in the co-creation process of the platform and those relevant for communication purposes for further uptake. The first step involved identifying the primary stakeholders that are essential to the project's success which have been divided into a supply-side segment (those who can input data of their building projects into the platform) and demand-side (those who are looking for investment opportunities).

The second step required prioritizing stakeholders based on their interest and perceived ability to influence the project outcome. This was achieved using a power-interest grid that classifies stakeholders into four categories: high power/high interest, high power/low interest, low power/high interest, and low power/low interest. This was combined with an assessment of the outreach of each partner within the consortium to have an estimate of the outreach potential, where the consortium estimated to have an outreach to 382 stakeholders.

The ENERGATE project's engagement plan consists of four actions to involve internal and external stakeholders continuously throughout the project. The first action involves semi-structured interviews with the pilot partners in the consortium to establish the requirements from stakeholders for using the ENERGATE platform. The second action involves surveys with external stakeholders to gather feedback on the user-needs based on inputs from a larger group of stakeholders who are not part of the consortium. The third action involves organizing four regional training workshops to present the developments and outcomes of the project as well as go into detail on the platform's functionalities. The final action involves organizing a final event to showcase the project's results to a broader audience.

Download the ENERGATE report here.