• Methodology
Stage 1 | Fetch

ENERGATE will treat the large diversity of Energy Efficiency projects with the assistance of the MATRYCS platform by:

  • Ensuring that key information related to the technical, commercial and risk-related aspects are properly declared by each project at the state of entering into the platform.
  • From the data, metrics and ontologies included in the platform the user that enters the project will get feedback on the typical financing method, comparison of performance KPIs (e.g. before & after energy performance benchmarks from similar projects).
Stage 2 | Process

Streamline and speedup the process of defining “products” (investment packages) for implementation.

Aggregation process

The products will be defined under the aggregation process. More specifically, the similarities between the different products will be identified through filters to create the different bundles (e.g. same typology of the building, the use of the building, the location, the building services or the type of energy efficiency measures, financial criteria).

Matchmaking process

The matchmaking process will be driven by the aggregator in order to select the best combination of products and product financing by prioritizing for each side the most attractive products based on the listed properties, KPIs and financial indicators for each project.

Stage 3 | Deliver

Follow-up on all realized projects and seek to contribute to the continuous feeding of the database of MATRYCS.

  • Implementation and validation of appropriate M&V methodologies and definition of meaningful KPIs and benchmarks.
  • ENERGATE as the front-end platform will develop and support a user profile management and ranking functionality.