ENERGATE will make  a marketplace for energy efficiency in buildings where market actors can interact by closing deals in a comfortable, predictable, and risk-free environment.

ENERGATE aims to integrate into a single, robust, ICT- enabled solution different stages of the building EE project cycle by enabling and implementing:

  • A large (standardized) project development facility for EE project sponsors and project owners or private or public entities
  • An aggregation, due diligence, and cash flow enhancement process, where projects and measures shall be packaged and enhanced appropriately, to be offered to financiers.
  • A securitisation process that will enable the financial aggregation and conditioning to appropriate finance categories depending on predefined types of finance (e.g. private vs public).
  • Appropriate feedback loops that will measure the impact of the ENERGATE platform, i.e. by means of suitable M&V processes.
  • Providing added value services to all of its users, by enabling business matchmaking, quality assessments and rankings and generally facilitate data and information exchange.