2nd ENERGATE Project Meeting in Madrid


On the vibrant day of September 29th, 2023, the ENERGATE team gathered in the heart of Madrid, Spain, to pave the way forward for sustainable energy solutions and robust platform development. Hosted by COMMUTY at the Edificio TRIPLE, the meeting was a blend of insightful discussions, innovative ideas, and collaborative planning, all aimed at propelling the ENERGATE project to new heights.

Highlights of the Day:



User profiles of the ENERGATE platform


Are you interested in learning more about our ENERGATE Energy Efficiency Marketplace? ENERGATE Energy Efficiency Marketplace will gather relevant stakeholders around what matters the most: meeting the needs of those who have projects, those who turn projects into reality, and those who are available to finance energy efficiency.

Download the full ENERGATE user profiles document and learn more about!


The new ENERGATE Press Release has been published!


Learn more about the EU-funded ENERGATE project which is developing an Energy Efficiency digital marketplace where investors, ESCOs, building owners and building managers can exchange information and agree on tailored funding schemes!

ENERGATE is being developed by a consortium of 13 partners with different roles in the Energy Efficiency value chain. The 1st public version roll-out of the platform will be in March 2024 and the final marketplace is expected to be publicly released in June 2025.


ENERGATE report on "Dissemination and Communication Strategy"


The 1st release of the ENERGATE report on "Dissemination and Communication strategy" outlines the process behind the development of the ENERGATE communication and dissemination strategy and objectives. This deliverable aims to set a strategy to be applied during the overall implementation of the project. One of the main objective, is to define the target audience and the project’s stakeholders and define the communication and dissemination activities to engage them.

The Dissemination and Communication strategy of ENERATE can be articulated into two main phases:


ENERGATE report on "Building Renovation Financing Typologies"


The ENERGATE Report on "Building Renovation Financing Typologies" aims to set the basis for the upcoming ENERGATE activities concerning the platform’s conceptual design parameters, information entries (Fetch stage - project entry module) and aggregation and matchmaking processes (Process stage). This deliverable holds the analysis and outcomes of ENERGATE’s Task 2.1: Identification of building renovation financing typologies.